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7 Lenora Street, Worcester, MA 01607
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New England Horse labs, an equine testing facility, is located in Worcester, Massachusetts. New England Horse Labs was founded in 1975 under the original name of DVMLabs in Warwick, RI. Over the next 30-plus years, DVMlabs went through a series of name changes while continuously servicing the veterinary community throughout New England. Now under new ownership and management New England Horse Labs has a brand new, state of the art equine specialty lab. With a wealth of experience in histology, veterinary and clinical services, New England Horse Labs is available to serve all equine veterinarians and stables throughout the United States.

Sending Specimens

horse labs equine labsSending specimens to our labs is a very easy process.

CEM cultures: 3 culture swabs (Aimes media in charcoal) from 3 sites at 3 time points. Cultures must be plated no more than 48 hours after they are obtained.

EIA blood: Requires 1ml of clear serum

Histopathology specimens: Tissue in 10% buffered formalin

Fecals: Requires about 5 grams of fresh feces transported in our (free) fecal container or in a zip-lock baggie.

All specimens must be accompanied with a completely filled in form.

Drop-offs and pick-ups are located at our postal address. There is someone always there Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For after hours, week-end or holiday drop-offs or pick-ups, it's best to call ahead to schedule it. Please call (508) 450-2864 if no one answers the door.

Mailing Address to send specimens:

New England Horse Labs
7 Lenora Street
Worcester, MA 01607
(508) 757-9100

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