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New England Horse labs, an equine testing facility, is located in Worcester, Massachusetts. New England Horse Labs was founded in 1975 under the original name of DVMLabs in Warwick, RI. Over the next 30-plus years, DVMlabs went through a series of name changes while continuously servicing the veterinary community throughout New England. Now under new ownership and management New England Horse Labs has a brand new, state of the art equine specialty lab. With a wealth of experience in histology, veterinary and clinical services, New England Horse Labs is available to serve all equine veterinarians and stables throughout the United States.

New England Horse Labs now offers two types of equine fecal parasite testing

fecal kitDue to multiple requests from our clients, New England Horse Labs now offers both qualitative and quantitative reporting for fecal parasitic egg burden. In our experience, the qualitative (modified Wisconsin) analysis is more precise for finding and identifying eggs in low-burdened animals, thus, reducing the number of false-negatives while the quantitative (McMaster’s) analysis is valuable for establishing a baseline and for monitoring any patient on a de-worming program.

Qualitative reports will identify any parasite found within the sample and estimate the density as: "light", "moderate" or "heavy".

Quantitative reports will identify any parasite found within the sample and give you actual counts: "120 Stronglye eggs per gram"

Free, postage-paid mailers: Please call (800.392.5587) or email us to request free, self-addressed, postage-paid envelopes to send us your horse's samples at no cost to you. Each mailer comes with a request form, instructions and a specimen baggie. Be sure to indicate how many mailers you need and your mailing address if your request is by email. Each envelope can hold specimens from several horses. If you are sending multiple samples, request just a postage free label from us and use your own envelope or box.

Since each method utilizes different amounts of supplies and labor, please refer to our price list

Also, please notice that our customers who send us their Coggin’s (EIA) testing enjoy discounted pricing on the fecals they send to us.

moniezia(tapeworm) Nematodirus
immature oxyuris(pinworm) mature oxyirus(pinworm)
parascaris - roundworm strongyle
eimeria(coccidia) trichuris(whipworm)

Veterinarian Fecal Request Form

non-Veterinarian Fecal Request Form